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Sell US Dollar – Japanese Yen TP: 107.00 SL: 110.25

Sell Euro – Swiss Franc TP: 1.082 SL: 1.113

Sell Euro – Japanese Yen Big downtrend, hit downtrend trendline (purple) twice. Now we may retest the support and resistance zone around 119.0. TP: 119.0 SL: 121.225

Buy Copper TP: 2.70 SL: 2.53

Sell Euro – US dollar TP: 1.085 SL: 1.125

Sell Euro – Japanese Yen A little later posted than suposed to, but not to late! We are now in a small retracement which could go back up to the trendline so another change for a great entry. We are currently in a downtrend for allmost two years on this pair, the trendline holds good in all this time. Now we touched the trendline again, so a good opportunity to sell at this point. I think the downside of this downtrend is allmost in sight. The target may also be the long waited lowest low before we go up again up to 125 at least. But first: TP: 115.0 SL: 121.5

Sell Euro – Great British Pound The curved trendlin seems to be followed for a longer period now. We are also moving in a downtrend tube. We have hit the upside of this tube for the fourth time and we can see a downward movement everytime we hit the upside of the tube. I think we are going to follow the curved trendline and hit the bottom of the trendtube first. That is why my target is set all the way down. TP: 0.84 SL: 0.917

Sell Austrailian Dollar – US Dollar Before I have given the same signal with the same targets. As you can see we are still in this downtrend. Upward movement may continu up to the green line, still safe for our Stop loss which is set above. Now is a good time to buy in mor Dollars and sell AUDUSD. TP: 0.668 SL: 0.714