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Buy Soybeans I just zoomed out to the daily chart for this one. I’ve been expecting downward movement for SOYBNUSD since november. You can see the red dotted lines and blue arrows which I’ve drawn in November allready. Just updated this chart and expecting a pullback to the fibonacci 0.382 zone (at least). If we break this orange support quickly there may be a big downward movement coming! TP: 8.46 SL: 7.90

Corn is about to break the big wedge and shoot up.

Buy Corn Every time corn breaks out the wedge it is building to create a new wedge. I expect a new breakout soon. It is a long term trade as you can see, but as far as I can see also a safe one. TP: 4.12 SL: 3.25

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Sell Gold Made this post yesterday, but still active. As we can see it allready moved the way expected. New flag has formed. Since we are in a downtrend we need to retest the first purple line, maybe the second purple line. So that is why we place the stop-loss above the second downtrendline. Next target is the orange support line. TP: 1256.0 SL: 1292.6

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Sell Wheat We hit the fibonacci retracement level 0.5. Downtrend is continued but now we have to break this low we are at now. Active: 4.300 TP: 3.700 SL: 4.600

Buy SUGAR USD trading signal

Buy Sugar As we can see SUGARUSD is still in the uptrend I mentiond before. Now we have to finish this wedge to trigger a new big movement. Frist up unless we break the purple uptrend line. First target named below: TP: 0.135 SL: 0.120

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Buy Copper TP: 3.126 SL: 2.807

Buy Wheat, wheatusd buy signal for free.

Buy Wheat TP: 4.8 SL: 4.57


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