Copy forex trading

This is a new service from start trading, the copy forex trading service. You can now completely automatic copy our trades. If you want this the only thing you have to do is sign up with the named broker and go to the copy FX section.

Automatic trading

With the copy FX function it is possible to completely automatic copy my trades without doing anything yourseld. This means there is no manual trading involved for you. The copy forex trading function will save you a lot of time and possibly a lot of stress.

The benefits of completely automatic trading is a lot of thins. The most common mistakes in trading are being greedy or let emotions take over. When you let the copy forex trading system automicly run your trades you can’t make those mistakes.

Tradingtom BOT Strategy 2 - Start date: November 24 2020

Profitable trading

If you trade manualy it is very hard to be and stay profitable in trading. With my copy FX account you can see the history and the profit in percentage made on my account. Everything is transparant and trackable.

How much do I need in my trading account?

This is a common question not only asked for the copy forex trading system but also for automatic trading by an forex EA or trading robot. My advice is to have at least an aviable balance of $1000. So that means if you open a fresh account with this broker you have to make a deposit of $1000.

The reasson I advice at least $1000 is because of the possible profits. If you have only $300 in your account and the profits are monthly 15% you will have a profit of $45 each month. If you have a balance of $3000 you monthly profit will be $450! If you do some math in this example you will find out that with a balance of $300 it will take about 18 months before you have a balance of $3000. So with a deposit of $3000 you will have a head start of 18 months.

Ilustration for percentage growth on your trading account. Important for copy forex trading
Image is pure speculation and used as example


  1. Register with the broker by clicking THIS link and then ‘Invest” > ‘Open trading account’. Or click on ‘Invest’ in the image below.
  2. Fill in ‘fzho’ as ‘Agent ID’
  3. Deposit money in your account
  4. Click again on the ‘Invest’ button as described in step 1, log in and follow the steps.

If you followed the steps the right way you will be automaticly accepted to copy my trades. If you can’t figure out how to do this or you have any sort of question just ask me and I will help you set this up.

If you want to register without signing up with another broker you can also choose to follow the Metatrader signals. This is also a copy trading service but from the Metatrader software. Pleas visit THIS PAGE for copy trading in Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5.

Tradingtom bot strategy 2

Tradingtom BOT Strategy 2 - Start date: November 24 2020

Strategy 1 is a Metatrader 5 strategy and bot. The service of CopyFX doesn’t support Metatrader 5 at the moment. So if you want to follow strategy 1 you should follow the Metatrader 5 signals for this. 

Copy my bots trades

Are you looking for a good and trustable trading bot? Just copy all my trades from my trading bot! Click one of the options below and follow the steps.

Metatrader signals


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