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What are trading bots There are numerous trading bots available these days and for someone new to the industry it might feel daunting to pick the right one. It took me quite some extensive research and testing to find a reliable and profitable bot which worked for me. You probably wonder if they will work and what kind of trading bots are worth the investment as to which ones are just a waste of money. Well, let’s start by a brief introduction into trading bots and how to use them. When using Metatrader (MT 4 or 5) software or app you could have your trading automized. While it’s possible to write a script yourself most people chose to buy ready to use bots. All you do is unpack a file package in a designated Metatrader folder. Once you installed the bot it’s ready to use. The bot will be activated…

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What Start trading can do for you Copy trades Copy all our trades made by our trading bots. Metatrader 4 and 5 are both supported with this service. Free signal service Don’t do all the trading on your own, join our community and get all trading signals for free! Brokers What is a good and reliable broker to start your trading? See this page to make a wise choise. Trading bots There are a lot of robots which you can buy. Find out which is a consistant robot. About Start trading, stock trading, day trading, crypto trading and forex trading. Social media is full of successful traders featuring their super-rich lifestyles. Driving Lamborghinis and Ferrari’s, travelling the world, owning holiday homes and private jets. They make it all seem so effortless. A matter of knowing whether stock prices are going up or down and acting accordingly. Bux and Peaks make…

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