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After some sideways movement it is time to make a correction up to the demand zone. With that the RSI is moving in a uptrend channel. TP: 1.289 SL: 1.274

It is not easy to find good and trustable Metatrader signals. The metatrader signals will automaticly copy all trades made by the trader you copy. If you are looking for a signal provider to automaticly copy trades I would advise you to follow our algo trades. If you choose for Metatrader signals you have to choose between Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 signals. Because you can’t receive MT4 signals in MT5 or vice versa we offer both MT4 and MT5 signals. Our trading bot automaticly makes and manages all trades. We are working with a solid VPS server to be online 24-5 in the forex market. All our trades are made by a trading bot which only trades when markets are moving in the way we want and expect them to. Settings We started our Metatrader signals at the end of November 2020, so we need some time to prove…

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If you are looking in to automated trading you are on the right track. When you don’t have years of experience in trading this could be the right way for you. I will describe below what the benefits are of using an automated trading bot and what is the best trading bot for you. Emotions If you did some research in to trading a lot of people keep repeating that emotions are the worst thing in trading. When emotions take over your strategie you can lose a lot of money by making choises based on your emotion in stead of your system. When you use an automated trading bot you won’t be bothered by emotions, if you have the discipline to keep your hands of the settings! The forex trading bot will hang on to the settings and the strategie it is following. Off course there will be losing trades…

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Copy my bots trades

Are you looking for a good and trustable trading bot? Just copy all my trades from my trading bot! Click one of the options below and follow the steps.

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