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BUY CMTUSD (Cybermiles) Great potential! Downtrend broke and we found a solid base as support. TP 1: 0.14 SL: 0.001

Buy bitcoin TP: 9116 SL: 7347

Buy Wink – Bitcoin This is an easy win. The crypto markets will soon atrect more and more people, so also money. Binance just listed Wink, WINBTC. This pair is currently jumping between 0.0….02 and 0.0…03 for days now. The fact is that this pair can’t really go any lower than 0.0…02 because of the market cap that has to lose too much value fot that. So buy in cheap and make easy 100%, 200% or more on this pair! Thank me later. TP: 0.0…10 (at least) SL: 0.0…01

Buy Bitcoin Since the last upward push bitcoin reached up to around 13.000. After that it made sence that we would have a pullback. The pullback happend and found a good support around 10.000. After the second test or third test (depends on how you look) of the support we can see there is a wedge that is creating. So I expect we will finish this wedge before we maken bigger moves. After the wedge is created we can break up or down. Since the news and hype around bitcoin I expect a upward break. First TP: 13.000 Second TP: 17.000 SL: 8.400

Buy singularDTV As you can see we have hit the uptrend line again. You can see the uptrend line as a support line only a little sideways. Since the support holds we may see a continuation of the uptrend. We still want to fill up to demand zone we are moving in, so the target is set to the full demand zone. TP: 0.029 SL: 0.011

Buy Bitcoin Bitcoin is creating a wedge after the rise last month. We need to teak a breath after the steap climb. If we complete the wedge and breakout we may see the $10.000 again! This target is expected by mid june. If we break we may see downside to a fibonacci level wich is drawn in the chart as well.

Buy Power ledger We have allmost finished the wedge. When breakout I expect more upward movement. As move size I used the last big upward swing (red arrow). First we will stay in the trend tube, after we broke there is a lot room for more upward momentum and movement. If we zoom out we can see a much bigger supply and demand zone ahead. I think this can be a good buy as well as OMG, CMT and NLG. TP: 0.175 SL: 0.075

Buy litecoin Litecoin has completed the wedge. Now it is time to buy before the breakout. Same move size as before is expected here. TP: 115.0 SL: 64.0

Buy Qtum QTUM is at the downside of the uptrend line. QTUM is allready one of the biggest crypto currencies. If the trendline hold we may retest the $4,00 area. TP: 4.00 SL: 1.80


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