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sell eurusd free signal
Sell EURUSD signal
Sell EURUSD signal

SELL EURUSD Time for correction after long climb in channel. Double top formed and in overbought RSI. TP: 1.2098 SL: 1.2205

Sell Euro – US dollar TP: 1.085 SL: 1.125

Buy Euro – US Dollar We have broken the wedge or uptrend, depending on how you look at it. Now we have retested the purple line which was the resistance. As we know, resistance becomes support and vice versa. If there is nog second retest or rebound back in the wedge zone we have a potential upside to what i’ve drawn in the chart. TP: 1.144 SL: 1.115

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Sell Euro – US Dollar Broke out wedge, now moving to demand zone on fibonacci retracement level 0.786. If pullback into wedge happens we may break out to the upside! TP: 1.084 SL: 1.135


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