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SELL XAUUSD (GOLD) Moving in a downtrend since August this year. Now we hit upside of the downtrend channel. TP: 1770 SL: 1925

buy sugarusd signal

This is a new service from start trading, the copy forex trading service. You can now completely automatic copy our trades. If you want this the only thing you have to do is sign up with the named broker and go to the copy FX section. Automatic trading With the copy FX function it is possible to completely automatic copy my trades without doing anything yourseld. This means there is no manual trading involved for you. The copy forex trading function will save you a lot of time and possibly a lot of stress. The benefits of completely automatic trading is a lot of thins. The most common mistakes in trading are being greedy or let emotions take over. When you let the copy forex trading system automicly run your trades you can’t make those mistakes. Tradingtom BOT Strategy 2 – Start date: November 24 2020 Copy forex trading register…

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Sell USdollar dow jones index. Sell signal for dollar

Buy Wink – Bitcoin This is an easy win. The crypto markets will soon atrect more and more people, so also money. Binance just listed Wink, WINBTC. This pair is currently jumping between 0.0….02 and 0.0…03 for days now. The fact is that this pair can’t really go any lower than 0.0…02 because of the market cap that has to lose too much value fot that. So buy in cheap and make easy 100%, 200% or more on this pair! Thank me later. TP: 0.0…10 (at least) SL: 0.0…01

Sell Austrailian Dollar – US Dollar Before I have given the same signal with the same targets. As you can see we are still in this downtrend. Upward movement may continu up to the green line, still safe for our Stop loss which is set above. Now is a good time to buy in mor Dollars and sell AUDUSD. TP: 0.668 SL: 0.714

BUY COCOA Coca has been waiting to make a bigger upswing for a longer time now. As we can see we have a uptrend line wich is bown. This trendline holds for over two years now, wich means we can rely on it. The swing to the upside will first fill up the demand zone wich is between 2400 and 2800. After that we may retest the top of 2900. This is a low risk trade. TP: 2904 SL: 2207

Sell Soybeans We hit our downtrendline on the upside, which means we go down again to complete the wedge. First target will be the old support. Since the support was broken, retested and failed to continu this is now a stronger support than before. TP: 8.038 SL: 9.024