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Why free? If you google for trading signals you can find a lot of signal providers. Since a lot of people are only giving signals for their own income and not to help others I decided to start a FREE signal service. For most signal providers you pay between $40 and $100 per month. You can do the math what a signal provider earns based on only 100 members. That is why there are a lot of frauds in this signal service world. I started this website to help you start trading. That is why I post my signals for free! I want you to learn from my view on the charts and my analizes. So if I post a signal you have complete acces to all Crypto, Forex and Commodities signals all the time without having an account or anything. You can sign-up for email notifications and receive the…

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What are trading bots There are numerous trading bots available these days and for someone new to the industry it might feel daunting to pick the right one. It took me quite some extensive research and testing to find a reliable and profitable bot which worked for me. You probably wonder if they will work and what kind of trading bots are worth the investment as to which ones are just a waste of money. Well, let’s start by a brief introduction into trading bots and how to use them. When using Metatrader (MT 4 or 5) software or app you could have your trading automized. While it’s possible to write a script yourself most people chose to buy ready to use bots. All you do is unpack a file package in a designated Metatrader folder. Once you installed the bot it’s ready to use. The bot will be activated…

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Copy my bots trades

Are you looking for a good and trustable trading bot? Just copy all my trades from my trading bot! Click one of the options below and follow the steps.

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