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Buy oil The wedge we are working on since April is now broken! This means we can go up again and gained enough momentum to do so. The first scenario is that we retest the wedge and after that we will go up till the resistance as first TP. As you maybe know it doens’t matter if you buy this USOIL, Brentoil or Crude oil as long as you change the SL and TP to your chart!! I hope I made it pretty clear where to find these numbers as you can take over this analysis. TP: 66.1 SL: 55.0

BUY COCOA Coca has been waiting to make a bigger upswing for a longer time now. As we can see we have a uptrend line wich is bown. This trendline holds for over two years now, wich means we can rely on it. The swing to the upside will first fill up the demand zone wich is between 2400 and 2800. After that we may retest the top of 2900. This is a low risk trade. TP: 2904 SL: 2207