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Sell Great British pound (Pound sterling) – US dollar Can’t break 1.30, now waiting for a retest at profit zone or a bit lower. TP: 1.258 SL: 1.310

Buy US Dollar – Turkish Lira TP: 6.20 SL: 5.45

Sell Australian dollar – US dollar TP: 0.671 SL: 0.694

Buy US dollar – Canadian dollar TP: 1.352 SL: 1.302

Buy US Dollar – Turkish Lira I’ve created these analysis a long time ago. Sometimes when you open the charts again you can see it is still legal. So now I saw we hit our newer support line (the former uptrend tube). We retested this support again. So now can be a good time to buy this pair. It is possible we first complete the wedge before breaking up again. So think about that when entering this trade. If we break down we may use the former trendtube again as support and resistance. First target: TP: 6.2 SL: 5.3

Buy Bitcoin Bitcoin is creating a wedge after the rise last month. We need to teak a breath after the steap climb. If we complete the wedge and breakout we may see the $10.000 again! This target is expected by mid june. If we break we may see downside to a fibonacci level wich is drawn in the chart as well.

Sell GBPUSD We are trying to complete this bigger wedge. Therefore we need to go down again and test te support line. If we don’t complete the wedge we can expect a break out through the red line, a retest of the red line and after all that more upward movement. TP: 1.268 SL: 1.335

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Sell Euro – US Dollar Broke out wedge, now moving to demand zone on fibonacci retracement level 0.786. If pullback into wedge happens we may break out to the upside! TP: 1.084 SL: 1.135

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Sell US dollar / Japanese Yen Flag has been created. Double top in flag. If we break the small uptrend we may see further downside movement. First I expect the same move size as before. If we don’t break we may touch the red dotted downtrend line. That would be our second entry point before going down. TP: 106.461 SL: 113.932

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TP: 1.351 SL: 1.327